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Elevate the supply chain for your clinical trials with
end-to-end automation.

TransVoyant’s AI-powered supply chain orchestration solution ensures data integrity and regulatory compliance throughout the clinical trial process.

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Why choose TransVoyant for your clinical trial supply chain operations?

Clinical research studies are wrought with challenges. A smooth running supply chain avoids added obstacles and alleviates pressure with the patient experience. Our cloud-based solution delivers real-time predictive and prescriptive insights to help companies optimize their supply chain operations. Powered by proprietary AI, we analyze data from internal and external sources, adapting to systems across customer trading partners and logistics service providers. As an agnostic platform, TransVoyant also integrates with a host of IoT devices and GPS sensors.

Key advantages of our end-to-end automation.

Data integrity and compliance.

Maintain meticulous records and traceability with our solution, a vital aspect in clinical studies given the stringent regulatory requirements.

Real-time visibility.
Monitor the movement of sensitive materials and track their location and condition at any given time, reducing the risk of spoilage or damage.
Risk mitigation.
Avoid costly delays or disruptions associated with the movement of temperature-sensitive, high-value, or limited-supply materials.
Improved efficiency.
Optimize inventory management, reduce manual errors, and streamlines processes, ultimately saving time and resources.
Quality assurance.
Ensure product quality by monitoring and controlling environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and exposure to light.
Cost reduction.
Lower operational expenses through the optimization of resource allocation, reduction of waste, and improved supply chain efficiency.
Comply with serialization and tracking requirements, ensuring the integrity of clinical trial data and products as they move through the supply chain.
Rapid response to changes.
Adapt swiftly to unexpected changes in protocols, supply needs, or regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of project delays or budget overruns.
Enhanced collaboration.
Seamlessly combine data from various stakeholders, including manufacturers, CROs (Clinical Research Organizations), and logistics partners.

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A solution designed to scale with your supply chain.

As your clinical trials grow, TransVoyant adjusts to changes in demand and complexity, providing crucial flexibility for life science companies that may expand or shift focus throughout different phases of clinical trials.
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Know what you don’t know.
TransVoyant empowers people who keep the world’s resources in motion to make informed decisions so production rolls smoothly and delivery promises get met – all while curbing costs, multiplying margins and respecting regulations.

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