A Customer’s Roadmap to AI-Enabled Supply Chain Resilience

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To achieve AI-driven resilience, companies must leverage data to predict, anticipate, and respond to various disruption signals, ensuring a smoother and more efficient supply chain flow.

Imagine a sudden, unexpected disruption hits your supply chain. Are you prepared to respond within 24 hours? Can you fully grasp the event’s impact within minutes? According to a study done by Accenture, only one in ten organizations today have near real-time alerting. While many organizations have established or are establishing visibility, simply knowing where disruptions might occur isn’t enough to create a resilient supply chain. What if you could leverage AI and data to predict, anticipate, and respond to issues in near real-time?

Presented by:

Allison Fowler

Chief Product Officer of TransVoyant
Allison Fowler has 15 years of supply chain and software experience, with specific expertise in leveraging optimization and simulation technologies to drive efficiencies throughout the entire supply chain.

Unlocking the Power of AI Analytics

Discover how to leverage data to predict disruptions, assess their impact, and proactively adapt your operations.

The "What vs. So, what" Dilemma

See why the major gains in visibility are driven by predictive analytics that deliver an ongoing understanding of critical supply chain behaviors.

Real-World Use Cases

See real-world roadmaps in action, with case study showcasing how organizations are moving towards AI resilience.

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