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How Digital Partnerships can Enhance End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility in Pharma
Get ready for global supply chain disruptions. Pandemic, geopolitics, and environment create unpredictability. Embrace digital partnerships to stay ahead.
Powered by massive amounts of real-time big data, sophisticated machine learning algorithms and lightning fast processing, digital supply chains have arrived​.
Continuously predicting behavior is driving far more value for leading companies.
Big Data isn’t enough – it needs to be continuously live streamed to enable supply chain transformation.
According to a research report published jointly by MIT and PwC, over 69% of companies surveyed experienced a supply chain disruption that resulted in a 3% or higher increase in total supply chain costs.
In the global economy, understanding port behavior is key to protecting your supply chain.
Know what you don’t know.
TransVoyant empowers people who keep the world’s resources in motion to make informed decisions so production rolls smoothly and delivery promises get met – all while curbing costs, multiplying margins and respecting regulations.

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