Supply Chain Situational Awareness: Project Approaches to Unlocking Value

Supply Chain Situational Awareness: Project Approaches to Unlocking Value

As companies look to achieve live supply chain situational awareness (SCSA), three project approaches to deliver a solution and business value are emerging:

Buy vs Build

Best-of-breed solutions and partners for a project managed internally.

  • Led by an IT team with support from a line of business users.
  • Requires heavy system integration.
  • Multi-vendor approach for core capabilities.

Vendor-managed services program.

  • Led by 4PL, consulting group, or system integrator.
  • Little to no control over solution roadmap and ongoing innovation.
  • Stand-alone managed services are expensive.

Live SCSA via common operating picture (COP).

  • Led by a Project team of cross-functional stakeholders.
  • Drives the company to think globally, operate regionally, and focus on value.
  • IoT and data-agnostic for rapid and affordable insight activation and continual innovation.

The merits of this hybrid approach offer global supply chain leaders the control of building a COP without high initial build cost or the ongoing overhead for maintenance. It also provides the simplicity and continued solution improvement of outsourcing with lower long-tail recurring costs.

Supply chain leaders who select the hybrid approach do so because they DO NOT want to take on the project and financial risk associated with an in-house solution, nor do they want the overhead of supporting the solution long-term. The level of effort required with an in-house solution is significant. Additionally, supply chain data quality problems cannot be solved by in-house resources.

It is important for global supply chain leaders to consider what will occur later in the journey. The level of effort, time, resources, and cost can be high. Long-term actionable insight innovation is a must. These decisions are not easy given the ever-changing dynamics of the RTM and the rapid pace of innovation.

TransVoyant has the benefit of supporting live SCSA for world-class customers. As such, we have learned what works and what does not. If you would like to discuss our customer experience and the value associated with SCSA, please request to be contacted here.


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