Principles of an IoT-Agnostic Supply Chain Intervention Platform

Lessons learned as the preferred IoT-agnostic platform for multiple pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. Department of Defense.
In today’s dynamic supply chain landscape, real-time visibility and intelligent decision-making are critical. An IoT-agnostic platform allows businesses to harness data from various devices and sources, enabling effective supply chain interventions. Let’s explore the key principles behind such a platform.

Connectivity Flexibility

Supporting Multiple Device Providers.
  • Choose the best IoT providers for your specific use cases and conditions.
  • Interchange devices seamlessly as technology evolves.
  • Consider not only GPS devices but also high-fidelity sensors.
Rapid Integration with Enterprise Systems.
  • Connect to existing enterprise systems (e.g., TMS, SAP) across multiple instances.
  • Ensure seamless data flow for informed decision-making.
Non-System-Enabled Sites.
  • Support lower maturity shipping sites with webforms for data entry.
  • Enable connectivity even in non-system-enabled locations.
Cross-Enterprise Connectivity.
  • Facilitate system connectivity and validation across different enterprise sites (e.g., suppliers, customers, contract manufacturers).
Total Landed Cost Analysis.
  • Include freight cost data to analyze total landed costs.
  • Optimize transportation mode, emissions, and service decisions.
Greenhouse Gas Compliance.
  • Comply with emissions reduction standards.
  • Factor environmental impact into decision-making.
Predictive ETA.
  • Provide accurate Estimated Time of Arrival predictions.
  • Enhance planning and responsiveness.
Lane Risk AI.
  • Assess risks associated with specific shipping lanes.
  • Consider security, temperature excursions, and disruptive events.

Decision Enablement

Imagine a scenario:

A temperature reading rises or falls outside the expected range. But is it a critical issue? Not always. We consider other factors—like historical data, external events, and algorithms—to determine if intervention is necessary.

Perfect Supply Chain Data

Independent Data Sources.
  • Utilize conveyance-level streaming data.
  • Combine insights from various sources for comprehensive visibility.
Milestone Tracking.
  • Capture milestones from all third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and carriers.
  • Monitor progress and identify bottlenecks.
External Risk Data.
  • Integrate external risk information (e.g., weather, geopolitical events).
  • Enhance situational awareness and decision-making.

A reflection on our journey.

An IoT-agnostic, supply chain intervention platform empowers businesses to make informed decisions, respond swiftly to disruptions, and optimize their operations. By following these principles, organizations can build resilient and efficient supply chains.

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