Live Supply Chain Situational Awareness: Final-Mile Delivery

The final mile stage of delivery for supply chains are the most costly, complex and critical as the experience and expectations of individuals and key customer groups are felt mostly during this stage. Adding to the complexity are the risks inherent with shipping disruptions and quality of products while in transit. Parcels require 24/7 monitoring, ensuring on time and in full, proof of delivery, and cost avoidance. However, if Covid has taught us anything about home delivery, it is that the customer’s expectations for a seamless experience will not change.


A modern delivery visibility system helps overcome these challenges through digitalizing operations, acting as a Virtual Logistics Control Tower and at the same time as a middleware for all data transmissions between the company and it’s courier network, enabling their ability to:

  • Provide live insight and status information to sales and customer service teams
  • Monitor shipments real-time status and take action based on the latest updates
  • Confirm Proof of Delivery with digital signature
  • Improve track-and-trace transparency
  • Support a Pay-for-Performance model through score carding LSPs to identify low performers and improve their metrics





By modernizing distribution metrics, enabling a transportation pay-for-performance model, and most importantly, enhancing your customer experience, rethinking technology for full transparency of delivery is a critical factor to business survival and a must to gain a competitive advantage. By providing a digital user experience customers have come to expect, sales and service teams share transparent views of their orders’ location at any given time, significantly reducing “where is my stuff?” calls.




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