Live Global Supply Chain Situational Awareness Journey

Situational Awareness

Can you independently track, monitor, measure, understand the behavior, and predict the performance of your global deliveries from your dock door to your customer’s door?

If your supply chain is global, then you must have transparency to its performance and behavior, real-time, anywhere on the planet. However, the pandemic has shown that for many companies, a truly integrated digital supply chain that seamlessly collects and analyzes accurate, complete, and actionable data is more of a vision than a reality today.

The current environment is creating pressure for digital supply chain leaders to function in real-time both operationally and tactically on a day-to-day basis to get ahead of exceptions, improve resiliency, and shift strategy into a continuous function that utilizes real-time data to make resilient and cost-saving decisions.

Live situational awareness enabled by learned behavior models can be achieved by not only connecting dots across the supply chain but through automated, actionable intelligence and a firm grasp on actual lead times, cycle times, and variability at all pulse points in your network.

Don’t stop at real-time monitoring, leverage the data you have to:

Studies showing that over the next five years, experienced supply chain leaders will invest in technologies — such as the Internet of Things (IoT), digital twin, and blockchain — to digitally interconnect the ecosystem, which will unleash network collaboration, increase transparency and support better risk management.

A well-integrated supply chain, which is data-driven and intelligent, becomes a powerful tool to boost competitiveness.


Digital supply chains are evolving rapidly and creating competitive advantage requires something far more valuable than just real-time visibility; it calls for transparency, automation, and actionability.

  • TRANSPARENT – Manage day to day operations by digitally viewing the performance of your global end to end supply chain via a common operating picture.
  • AUTOMATED – Automate exceptions using rules and conditions to improve collaboration cross-functionally and with your external trading partners.
  • ACTIONABLE – Proactively intervene to avoid or mitigate disruptions due to delivery delays, SOP compliance, external events and IoT-based information

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