Live Global Supply Chain Situational Awareness for Retailers

Due to the global events of the past few years and rapid digital acceleration, customers’ expectations have changed irrevocably. Building customer-centric and forward-thinking supply chains are key to staying relevant in today’s market.

Customers expect a best-in-class experience when it comes to e-commerce. Faster shipping, accurate tracking, flexible delivery options, and a seamless returns process help retailers stand out in the digital crowd.” –

All of us as consumers have come to expect a certain level of service from the companies who earn our business – be it online ordering for dinner, purchasing running shoes via an e-commerce site, or ordering a new automobile – the experience needs to be convenient, frictionless, informative (e.g., sourcing practices, Co2 emissions) and fully modern.

Global retailers are looking for ways to provide an improved, modern, Amazon-like customer experience. One that is efficient, offers an opportunity to differentiate from its competitors and delight customers. This requires transparency into the upstream workings of the supply chain so availability and order promise dates can accurately be set for the customer. It requires data from 3rd parties to be fused and presented in the appropriate context. Additionally, retailers need automation of notifications that can be triggered when/if the status of the order changes due to an event occurring upstream in the supply chain. Making capabilities like these available increases a retailer’s ability to serve customers better.

“In the retail environment, disruptions occur downstream, past the point when organizations are typically thinking about the supply chain. Therefore, the operations benefits can only be realized once data and program information are initiated upstream. Creating awareness earlier in the supply chain, through data, is a powerful way to improve operations efficiency and lower costs through better inventory, labor, and logistics management.” – SupplyChainDive​

Precise Predictive Enterprise™ solution bridges retailers’ functional silos to provide an end-to-end view of its supply chain – inbound containers, shipments, inventory, orders, availability, sales, and final-mile deliveries enabling greater collaboration and optimization of processes.