Live Global Supply Chain Situational Awareness for Life Sciences

As Covid-19 vaccines being shipped globally, the importance of live supply chain situational awareness (SCSA) via a common operating picture has never been more evident – providing real-time context to location, condition, security, and timeliness.

Life Sciences supply chains are unique. The timeliness, quality, and security of the supply chain are critical to the health and welfare of individuals and large populations. Adding to the complexity are the risks inherent with cold chain shipping and the security of the products while in transit. Such parcels require 24/7 monitoring, ensuring patients’ safety, product quality, and cost avoidance.

Managing service, cost, and insurability is significantly more effective with end-to-end (E2E) transparency. However, comprehensive situational awareness and end-to-end transparency is growing, but still not well-informed.

Resolving this challenge will be a critical differentiator for leading companies; it already was a top-of-mind concern, but the Covid-19 crisis has magnified the need.

SCSA identifies disruptions, synchronizes supply and demand, helps your business conduct proactive decisions resolving “what if” issues, rather than dealing with what has happened already.

As pharma supply chains push for efficiency and resiliency during the Covid-19 pandemic, this exclusive report created in partnership with Pharma Logistics IQ offers strategies to boost pharma’s business case for supply chain transparency.

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