Delivering Value at Start of Journey

While Covid-19 has exposed the cracks in global businesses, supply chain leaders now have a seat at the table to build a future-ready enterprise. Disconnected data, the crucial need for real-time visibility, and the lack of predictive analytics stand in the way of accelerating innovation, staying competitive in the market and restructuring global supply chains to be more agile.

In 2019, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world partnered with TransVoyant starting their journey to develop a patient-centered Digital Logistics Program. They focused from the plant to the patient reimagining their ways of working, building digital capabilities with well-developed use cases and delivering value as quickly as possible.


“We had to do develop a Digital Logistics Program and we had to do this fast, taking an agile approach meant flying the plane while building it too.” – Director of Center of Excellence Transportation and Distribution.

By indicating significant capability weaknesses, they were able to compile a list of patient-centered use cases for their future digital program. Starting small with ten lanes, four of which had active monitors, three months later they had demonstrated a value and power of having an integrated Digital Logistics Control Tower.

As a result of actions taken during in-transit handling, the Fortune 500 company successfully claimed interventions against 25 shipments and saved over 1 million doses of medicine.

They were able to get quick visibility to the impact of the Suez Canal and Evergreen blockage by easily circling over the area and identifying their containers in the region, proactively taking steps to assess the impact on their inbound deliveries, outbound customer orders, inform continuity planning exercises with actionable intelligence, and apply corrective action.

As a more recent example, during a disruptive event in South Africa they promptly got a list of the shipments going out of the impacted ports, giving them an opportunity to cooperate with the site to delay those shipments from leaving and work with corporate security on getting them cleared before departure.

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