Live Global Supply Chain Situational Awareness Value

Have you considered the value associated with live global supply chain situational awareness (SCSA)? The pandemic exposed the lack of resiliency in supply chains and the focus now is directed towards this problem by boards and investors, making it the optimum time to aggressively move forward with a supply chain digital transformation starting with the […]

5 Best Practices for Preventing & Mitigating Port-related Supply Chain Disruptions

Preventing & Mitigating Port-related Supply Chain Disruptions main picture

According to Reuters Events’ recent research, 40% of companies say their supply chains failed them at the height of the pandemic. Due to these failures, 80% of companies say they have accelerated their digital supply chain strategies. Furthermore, almost 50% are looking to overhaul procurement and risk management strategies within the next two years, and […]

Focus Your Supply Chain Digital Transformation on Business Value

Company leaders continually face disruptions affecting supply chain operations leading to customer dissatisfaction, revenue loss, and cost increases. The inability to anticipate when actual performance will deviate from the plan, and take proactive action to intervene, put companies in a vulnerable reactive position with customers. To overcome these challenges, companies must harness enterprise and external […]

The Journey to Autonomic Global Supply Chains

TransVoyant’s CEO, Dennis Groseclose, shared his thoughts on how his prediction of autonomic global supply chains look as we come to the end of 2022… In early 2016, I was speaking to a bipartisan group of United States Senators about the interdependencies and risks in global supply chains. During the discussion, I made what was […]