Unlocking efficiency in moving freight from Air to Ocean.

TransVoyant delivers scope 3 emissions reductions and cost savings.
In a dynamic global market, the convergence of sustainability objectives and evolving air freight demands innovative solutions. To confidently put more cargo on the water requires a more accurate understanding of manufacturing flow as well as improved carrier coordination.

Transformative efficiency: driving sustainability and savings in transportation.

10-15% ↓

Air Freight Spend
Efficiently allocate resources and mitigate unnecessary expenses.


Emissions Savings
Fulfill sustainability commitments while optimizing transportation operations.

Navigating air-to-ocean complexity: overcoming logistics hurdles.

Amidst sustainability imperatives and evolving market dynamics, companies encounter hurdles in air-to-ocean transportation:
  • Material availability concerns: Despite investments in manufacturing planning technologies, last minute surprises upset well-laid plans to put containers on marine shipments, forcing the Logistics teams to revert to booking via air.
  • Product conditions: Temperature, humidity, and other conditions pose risks to product integrity during transportation.
  • Product quality: Ensuring product quality amidst varying transport conditions is paramount.

Harnessing intelligence: AI-powered optimization for air-to-ocean transport.

By continuously fusing your existing data with insights about trading partners and leveraging 12 years of proprietary derived data, TransVoyant anticipates the movement of goods through your organization’s supply chain to deliver:

  • Predictive insights: actionable insights into lead time variability that mitigate concerns and inform inventory decisions.
  • Prescriptive actioning: utilizing 12 years of comprehensive flow and behavioral data enables proactive intervention and optimization.

Boost ocean cargo confidence with our reliable predicted time of arrival (PTA) insights.

TransVoyant’s PTA solution models the end-to-end flows from inbound raw materials, through internal operations, and outbound to customers. TransVoyant’s PTA is also monitoring and predicting the flow and behavior of all your logistics service providers around the world and across all modes. It understands which materials will be available for loading and which logistics assets will be able to carry the shipment. By accurately predicting each milestone, we take the guess work and surprises out of your decision processes. Logistics teams can now confidently shift more cargo from air to ocean, simultaneously reducing freight costs and scope 3 emissions.

Are you ready to optimize your air-to-ocean transportation?

Dive into low-hanging fruit opportunities to drive efficiency and sustainability in your supply chain.
Know what you don’t know.
TransVoyant empowers people who keep the world’s resources in motion to make informed decisions so production rolls smoothly and delivery promises get met – all while curbing costs, multiplying margins and respecting regulations.

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