Take measures to keep your temperature-dependent drugs safe during transport.

TransVoyant’s temperature control logistics solution ensures regulatory compliance, product integrity, and patient safety in the pharma and biotech industries.

Precision data to make informed decisions.

By harnessing your existing data and coupling it with information about trading partners as well as macro-level risk factors like weather, traffic, conveyance failures and other behavior that impact delivery time, we give you a live, fully integrated view of your global end-to-end supply chain to unlock unique competitive advantages across the value chain.
Supply chain visibility.
With temperature monitoring sensors and data loggers in place, we provide real-time tracking to oversee conditions of the products during transit. This visibility enables proactive monitoring and immediate intervention in the event of deviations.
Extended shelf life.
Proper temperature management can extend the shelf life of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. This allows for better inventory management, reduced wastage, and improved availability of critical medications.
Customer satisfaction.
Reliable temperature control logistics ensures your pharmaceutical products reach customers in optimal condition, preserving their efficacy. This fosters trust in your brand, and strengthens relationships with healthcare providers, pharmacies, and patients.

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Manage your cold chain with confidence.

Product integrity.
Temperature control logistics ensures that pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, biologics, and other temperature-sensitive medications, maintain their efficacy and integrity throughout the supply chain. Proper temperature management safeguards against degradation and preserves product quality.
Patient safety.
Temperature excursions can compromise the safety and effectiveness of medications. By implementing robust temperature control logistics, pharmaceutical companies can minimize the risk of distributing compromised products to patients, ensuring their safety and well-being.
Risk mitigation.
Temperature excursions can result in product losses, financial implications, and damage to brand reputation. By implementing temperature control logistics, pharmaceutical companies can mitigate these risks by identifying potential issues early on, implementing corrective actions, and ensuring product integrity throughout the supply chain.
Regulatory compliance.
The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, with strict guidelines regarding the handling and storage of temperature-sensitive products. Adhering to these regulations through effective temperature control logistics helps pharmaceutical companies maintain compliance with regulatory bodies such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other global health authorities.
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Merck saves more lives with TransVoyant.

“We’ve avoided discards of over one million vaccine doses through visibility, insights, and actions taken on our international shipments.”
David Komjati
David Komjati
Director of CoE Transportation & Distribution
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