Take measures to keep your food and beverages fresh during transport.

TransVoyant’s temperature control logistics solution ensures the integrity of your products and allows you to comply with regulations, reduce wastage, and deliver high-quality, safe products to consumers.

Precision data to make informed decisions.

By harnessing your existing data and coupling it with information about trading partners as well as macro-level risk factors like weather, traffic, conveyance failures and other behavior that impact delivery time, we give you a live, fully integrated view of your global end-to-end supply chain to unlock unique competitive advantages across the value chain.
Preserve product freshness.
Temperature control logistics helps maintain the quality, freshness, and taste of perishable CPG and food products. By controlling temperature conditions, such as refrigeration or freezing, throughout the supply chain, companies can minimize spoilage, extend shelf life, and deliver high-quality products to consumers.
Minimize product wastage.
Proper temperature control logistics helps reduce product wastage in the CPG and food industry. By maintaining optimal temperature conditions, companies can minimize spoilage, decrease the likelihood of product recalls, and improve overall inventory management, leading to cost savings and increased profitability.
Enhance customer satisfaction.
Temperature-sensitive products, such as fresh produce, dairy, and frozen goods, often reach consumers in better condition when proper temperature control logistics are in place. This results in improved customer satisfaction, as consumers receive products that meet their quality expectations, are safe to consume, and have a longer shelf life.

Manage your cold chain with confidence.

Extended distribution reach.
Effective temperature control logistics enables companies to distribute CPG and food products over longer distances, expanding market reach. By maintaining the required temperature conditions, perishable products can be transported to global markets, ensuring availability and freshness for consumers worldwide.
Brand reputation and trust.
Maintaining product quality and safety through temperature control logistics contributes to building a strong brand reputation in the CPG and food industry. Consumers trust brands that prioritize food safety, adhere to regulations, and consistently deliver high-quality products. A positive brand image enhances customer loyalty and facilitates business growth.
Compliance with food safety regulations.
The CPG and food industry is subject to strict regulations and guidelines to ensure food safety. Temperature control logistics plays a crucial role in meeting these requirements. By adhering to regulations, such as the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system, companies can mitigate the risk of contamination, bacterial growth, and foodborne illnesses.
Regulatory compliance and audit preparedness.
Temperature control logistics helps CPG and food companies demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements during audits and inspections. Proper documentation of temperature records, adherence to cold chain protocols, and the use of temperature monitoring technologies contribute to audit preparedness and regulatory compliance.
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