TransVoyant – We Stand With Ukraine

On February 24th, the whole world was shocked and absolutely devastated by the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine. There is no place for war in the 21st century and we in TransVoyant support Ukrainians, praying for them and their families in these difficult times.

Members of the TransVoyant team are from Ukraine and here is what they have to say:

I’d like to express my support for Ukraine and its citizens. What is going on in our country is difficult, unbelievable, and unfair. Ukraine was a peaceful country, willing to be independent and focusing on its growth and it is a pity that an aggressive war has started on its territory. TransVoyant supports Ukraine and has been helping as much as it can. We pray for the peace and for everybody that suffered and is still suffering right now. We pray for democracy and for respect. Ukraine, we are with you! – Sales Executive from Kyiv


My Ukraine is a Country of free, independent, and self-sufficient people. It never claimed or attacked foreign territories, never limited the rights of people. All we want is for the Russians to leave our territory (including Crimea and Donbas) and not dictate how we should live in our own country. Now we are forced to survive, fight and defend our right to live in our country and we will win. Glory to Ukraine! – QA Engineer


There is no place for war in the 21st century. Moreover, genocide is unacceptable, the whole world should learn the lesson we all had in the 20th century and make conclusions. All the decision-makers of this action in Russia should be strictly liable. – Sales Executive from Odesa


There are no words and logic to describe what is happening now, this is a terrible tragedy for our peaceful and beautiful country. I was born and raised in Melitopol, I studied and live in Kharkiv, I speak Russian all my life, no one has ever reprimanded me in any place in Ukraine and I don’t need to be “saved”. This is a real conquest war that Russia and Putin personally started 8 years ago against Ukraine, trying to put their regime in our country. We ask the world to unite and help us, every day counts! Truth and goodwill surely triumph and victory will be ours, Glory to Ukraine! – Ukrainian team member

Please learn the ways you can help and support Ukraine by following the link below.