TransVoyant and JDA announce expanded application of TransVoyant technology

TransVoyant and JDA announce expanded application of TransVoyant technology


TransVoyant and JDA released this announcement on April 18th:

TransVoyant and JDA Unleash New Levels of Supply Chain Visibility Across JDA’s Solution Portfolio — Forthcoming integration to span JDA Demand, JDA Manufacturing Planning and JDA Fulfillment, driving end-to-end supply chain visibility

Scottsdale, Ariz. – April 18, 2017 –With the emergence of a consumer-centric supply chain which requires higher levels of agility, fluidity and responsiveness, having real-time end-to-end supply chain visibility is of paramount importance. JDA Software Group, Inc. continues to deliver an innovative solution strategy to address this challenge. As evidence, JDA today announced expanded application of partner TransVoyant’s technology which employs advanced analytics on real-time big data curated from sensors, radar, smartphones, satellites, GPS, video cameras, and other devices to produce live and predictive insights that transform supply chain performance.

TransVoyant is an integral part of JDA’s strategy, providing real-time predictive visibility using multiple data sources to drive tangible business outcomes. Leveraging data such as weather, news, local events, social media and natural disaster information, TransVoyant improves demand-supply balancing, and helps organizations to avoid supply chain disruptions. TransVoyant also provides very accurate predicted times of arrival factoring the impact of external events and behavior vs. the highly variable carrier-provided ETAs most organizations struggle with; prescriptive recommendations for carrier, lane or route selection factoring current and predicted disruptions; and alerts tied to at-risk orders due to evolving and predicted issues with suppliers.

“Real-time visibility is a crucial element of an advanced, end-to-end supply chain visibility strategy and we have been working with TransVoyant over the last year to integrate their powerful capabilities into the JDA Transportation Management portfolio,” said Fabrizio Brasca, vice president, solution strategy, Intelligent Fulfillment, JDA. “Now, we are extending these capabilities across JDA’s forecasting, replenishment and manufacturing solutions to help customers sync planning resources and inventory with market and supplier activity. In this world of multi-dimensional supply chains, it’s critical to be able to predict the most optimal production and fulfillment plans while looking to the future for enhanced planning. Together, we are delivering a powerful combination of advanced predictive visibility with the ability to quickly act and make decisions in real-time, delivering transformational results today.”

By leveraging traditional and more advanced streams of intelligence, JDA is building a complementary ecosystem to enable end-to-end supply chain visibility by adding new capabilities from TransVoyant to JDA Demand, JDA Manufacturing Planning and JDA Fulfillment, resulting in improved customer service, customer experience, return on inventory, on-time performance and effective inventory movement. Early visibility and prescriptive responses to supply disruptions and fluctuating demand trends gives organizations the ability to pivot and plan production and distribution more effectively. This increased visibility and responsiveness leads to fewer lost sales and less costs associated with expediting or transferring product.

“Together, JDA and TransVoyant help our customers capitalize on the transformational value of predictive supply chain intelligence gleaned from real-time big data and machine learning algorithms,” said David Panitz, executive vice president and general manager for TransVoyant. “Having our two solutions tightly integrated and orchestrated translates into a true real-time, predictive, intelligent digital supply chain.”

TransVoyant will be featured in the Innovation Hub, the ‘zone within a zone’ in the Delivery Zone at JDA FOCUS 2017 next week – which showcases current and future innovations across manufacturing, 3PL, and retail. The demonstration will showcase the new integrations with JDA, such as how manufacturing supply chains can sense potential material-related supply disruptions ahead of time, assess the impact of such disruptions and analyze different mitigation scenarios in real-time.

Additional Resources:

  • JDA and TransVoyant are participating in a number of sessions next week at JDA FOCUS 2017, JDA’s annual user conference, in Las Vegas, April 25-28, including:
  • JDA Future Series: The Power of a Sentient Supply Chain: Thursday, April 27, 1:30 p.m.
  • JDA Future Series: Harnessing an Always-on Digital Supply Chain: The Next Challenge for Manufacturing Planning: Thursday, April 27, 2:45 p.m.

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