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Oh No! Where’s My Shipment?

And how long before I get my stuff?!  If we were to pick a key outcome for Supply Chain Executives, it would be for them to always know exactly where their shipments were at any moment.  E-commerce is continuing to change the landscape for supply chain and logistics.  The need to manage demand fluctuations, volume growth, and consumer expectations has dramatically increased.  It’s no longer enough to get a general idea of when a shipment…
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4 Tips for Enhancing Your Omni-channel

A major component in a business success is measured by the customer experience. Is the company able to produce a seamless and satisfying experience for the customer no matter where and how they may have interacted with your brand? You can’t just have a great online shopping experience or a brick and mortar store that has loyal customers. Instead, each retail channel needs to work together, creating a shopping experience that’s completely seamless. The outcome…
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