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Live Global Supply Chain Situational Awareness for Life Sciences

As Covid-19 vaccines being shipped globally, the importance of live supply chain situational awareness (SCSA) via a common operating picture has never been more evident – providing real-time context to location, condition, security, and timeliness. Life Sciences supply chains are unique. The timeliness, quality, and security of the supply chain are critical to the health and welfare of individuals and large populations. Adding to the complexity are the risks inherent with cold chain shipping and…
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Live Global Supply Chain Situational Awareness Value

  Have you considered the value associated with live global supply chain situational awareness (SCSA)? The pandemic exposed the lack of resiliency in supply chains and the focus now is directed towards this problem by boards and investors, making it the optimum time to aggressively move forward with a supply chain digital transformation starting with the fundamentals – implementing and connecting the digital twin to achieve a common operating picture for all areas of your…
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Live Global Supply Chain Situational Awareness Journey

Can you independently track, monitor, measure, understand the behavior, and predict the performance of your global deliveries from your dock door to your customer’s door? If your supply chain is global, then you must have transparency to its performance and behavior, real-time, anywhere on the planet. However, the pandemic has shown that for many companies, a truly integrated digital supply chain that seamlessly collects and analyzes accurate, complete, and actionable data is more of a…
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