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Now is the Time for a Supply Chain Digital Transformation

As we’ve all adjusted and started to get a feel for how business will operate, a few enterprises are overcoming their initial knee jerk reactions to the pandemic and are examining the fundamentals that need to be in place as the ingredients for creating a resilient supply chain and logistics operation in light of the outside context problem presented by the pandemic. However, at the same time, most leaders seem determined to set the goalposts…
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The Proactive Supply Chain and Outside Context Problems

When confronting the impossibility of being unable to plan for an event that we don’t know could happen, the answer must be to have systems and processes in place that allow us to respond to a rapidly changing landscape and ‘get to the left’ of a disruption, keeping good options on the table for longer. In critically acclaimed author Iain M. Banks Culture series, a far future, post scarcity, interstellar civilization has turned all their…
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Supply Chain Visibility and Behavior – A Journey to Value Innovation

Supply Chain Visibility and Behavior – A Journey to Value Innovation Companies strive to capture greater visibility and behavior analysis to enhance performance of their end-to-end supply chains.  Most are a few years into their journey of building and buying solutions to deliver the promise of true global real-time visibility.  The challenge lies in tying together disparate enterprise, ecosystem, and external data and applications, processes, functions, and assets.  The challenge is made more complex because…
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