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Top 3 Reasons Shipper’s Visibility Isn’t Good Enough

Top 3 Reasons Shipper’s Visibility Isn’t Good Enough Despite a variety of visibility options available to Shippers, many claim the visibility they have is not good enough to meet their needs. When you unpack the reasons why, a clear pattern in their responses emerges. These are top 3 reasons they cite: 1. It’s not actionable – Many early adopters of ‘off the shelf’ or DIY visibility solutions have come to know that a blinking dot…
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The Benefits of Digitization in Cold Chain

A cold chain is a supply chain in which goods must be temperature controlled. Cold chains are commonly associated with the pharmaceutical and food industries. According to a 2016 report by the International Trade Association, global food losses total $750 billion a year, largely due to cold chain issues. The same report reveals that $260 billion of annual biopharma sales are dependent on cold chain logistics. Cold chain is big business and the stakes are…
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