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Live Situational Awareness for the Suez Canal Crisis

Ever Given’s troubles are not over even though it is no longer stuck in the Suez Canal. The Egyptian authorities who helped to free the Ever Given have detained the vessel and are requesting $1B in payment for their efforts. Just like the Ever Given, our customers are still in the midst of recovering from the incident. Fortunately, they have had the benefit of using the TransVoyant Precise Predictive Enterprise™ (P2E™) to help them resist and…
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Supply Chain Lessons from Hurricane Harvey

There are always supply chain lessons to be learned from catastrophic events like Hurricane Harvey.   Stepping into our data science lab over the course of the past week has been an interesting experience for me.  Lining the exterior of this war room of sorts are a slew of monitors showing the real-time movement of ocean vessels, aircraft, trucks, railcars, parcel shipments, weather cells, earthquakes, pockets of civil unrest, port congestion, airport traffic and a host…
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