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TransVoyant adds continuous analysis of real-time and predicted supply chain behavior to Tive and the Open Visibility Network

Leading in-transit visibility provider Tive and TransVoyant, the leader in global supply chain data fusion, business analytics and actionable intelligence, announced a partnership to deliver live supply chain situational awareness to the Open Visibility Network (OVN) to improve actionable, complete, and intelligent visibility and business insights. Most visibility journeys start by focusing on a single segment of supply chains, lacking visibility into events occurring upstream and downstream. This is problematic for shippers that rely on inbound materials. When…
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Fight Back Against Chargebacks

Fight Back Against Chargebacks – How suppliers can improve service and avoid chargebacks Chargebacks (aka deductions) occur when a retailer is prevented from receiving and processing an inbound order from a supplier according to plan (aka the service level agreement between them and their supplier). When this occurs, the retailer will pay the supplier less than the agreed upon amount on the invoice to minimally offset the pain caused by the disruption to their operation…
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Oh No! Where’s My Shipment?

And how long before I get my stuff?!  If we were to pick a key outcome for Supply Chain Executives, it would be for them to always know exactly where their shipments were at any moment.  E-commerce is continuing to change the landscape for supply chain and logistics.  The need to manage demand fluctuations, volume growth, and consumer expectations has dramatically increased.  It’s no longer enough to get a general idea of when a shipment…
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