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Live Global Supply Chain Situational Awareness: Perfect Supply Chain Data

According to the results of our recent survey conducted in partnership with Pharma IQ one of the dominant challenges global enterprises face while improving supply chain transparency is harnessing and harmonizing data. Many business leaders question if Perfect Supply Chain Data is a dream or reality? When the Ever Given container ship was stranded in the Suez Canal in March 2021, the importance of access to real-time information along supply chains was emphasized, particularly in…
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Live Situational Awareness for the Suez Canal Crisis

Ever Given’s troubles are not over even though it is no longer stuck in the Suez Canal. The Egyptian authorities who helped to free the Ever Given have detained the vessel and are requesting $1B in payment for their efforts. Just like the Ever Given, our customers are still in the midst of recovering from the incident. Fortunately, they have had the benefit of using the TransVoyant Precise Predictive Enterprise™ (P2E™) to help them resist and…
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