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Modern Supply Chains and the Ancient Mariner’s Dilemma

“Water, water everywhere, Nor any drop to drink,” Samuel Coleridge wrote in 1798. While ostensibly describing the sailor’s dilemma of being on the Sea, Coleridge was quite accurately predicting a future he couldn’t imagine: our supply chains generate and are surrounded by massive amounts of data, but it’s almost entirely unpotable. As an illustration of the problem, early on in our engagement with a global pharmaceutical company, they described their issue as such: “On average,…
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Top 3 Reasons Shipper’s Visibility Isn’t Good Enough

Top 3 Reasons Shipper’s Visibility Isn’t Good Enough Despite a variety of visibility options available to Shippers, many claim the visibility they have is not good enough to meet their needs. When you unpack the reasons why, a clear pattern in their responses emerges. These are top 3 reasons they cite: 1. It’s not actionable – Many early adopters of ‘off the shelf’ or DIY visibility solutions have come to know that a blinking dot…
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