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Modern Supply Chains and the Ancient Mariner’s Dilemma

“Water, water everywhere, Nor any drop to drink,” Samuel Coleridge wrote in 1798. While ostensibly describing the sailor’s dilemma of being on the Sea, Coleridge was quite accurately predicting a future he couldn’t imagine: our supply chains generate and are surrounded by massive amounts of data, but it’s almost entirely unpotable. As an illustration of the problem, early on in our engagement with a global pharmaceutical company, they described their issue as such: “On average,…
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The Proactive Supply Chain and Outside Context Problems

When confronting the impossibility of being unable to plan for an event that we don’t know could happen, the answer must be to have systems and processes in place that allow us to respond to a rapidly changing landscape and ‘get to the left’ of a disruption, keeping good options on the table for longer. In critically acclaimed author Iain M. Banks Culture series, a far future, post scarcity, interstellar civilization has turned all their…
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