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Investors are grilling the C-Suite about Supply Chain Resiliency

As enterprises, economists, and analysts of all stripes are assessing the impact of COVID-19, early research and trend analysis of Q2 Financial Earnings reports and analyst calls has shown a marked difference in the topics that the C-Suite is openly discussing as having impacts on earnings. Of what should be little surprise, Supply Chain topics saw a 280% increase in talk time compared to Q4-19, while topics such as implementing or better leveraging Digital Twins…
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Now is the Time for a Supply Chain Digital Transformation

As we’ve all adjusted and started to get a feel for how business will operate, a few enterprises are overcoming their initial knee jerk reactions to the pandemic and are examining the fundamentals that need to be in place as the ingredients for creating a resilient supply chain and logistics operation in light of the outside context problem presented by the pandemic. However, at the same time, most leaders seem determined to set the goalposts…
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