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The Value of a Good End-to-End Lead Time

About a month ago I ordered a bridesmaid dress online and when I received the estimated arrival date it was 5 weeks from my purchase date! I understand that things take time to ship, but in the day in age of same day delivery 5 weeks just seemed way too long. Working in the supply…
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How the Masters of Supply Chain Sustain Their Status

Apple recently announced its iPhone 8 and iPhone X, grabbing a healthy portion of social media airtime immediately following the announcement, as they so often do. While Apple is one of the most recognized brands in the world today, the company is also known for running a very efficient supply chain. Another company known for…
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4 Tips for Enhancing Your Omni-channel

A major component in a business success is measured by the customer experience. Is the company able to produce a seamless and satisfying experience for the customer no matter where and how they may have interacted with your brand? You can’t just have a great online shopping experience or a brick and mortar store that…
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