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Block chain – the Newest Technology in Supply Chain Part 2

As mentioned in a previous post, block chain is a distributed digital ledger that is anonymous and secure. The type of security block chain brings to businesses is appealing since it can cut costs and cut out middle men.  Block chain as the digital ledger can help companies keep track of price, date, location, quality and much more to assist in the challenges of managing a global supply chain. As the hype around block chain…
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Blockchain the Newest Technology in Supply Chain Part 1

The most efficient supply chains are those that are built on trust, transparency and reliability between the various partners in the trading partner community. Buyer’s that don’t work with trustworthy, or well-vetted, suppliers are subject to consumer safety and brand risk — an e. coli outbreak or massive product recalls, and shippers that don’t work with reliable carriers face shipment delays and variability, to name a few examples. Global supply chains function with such complexity,…
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