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Big Data, the Pandemic, and Supply Chain Evolution

In a room with the faint odor of formaldehyde, your biology teacher has “Punctuated Equilibrium” underlined on the chalkboard and begins drawing branching charts jotting down a few bullet point call outs at the splits as they describe what really drives changes and innovation in supply chain operations: massive selection pressure from external events. Wait, what? As a reminder to those of us who’s biology classes are now a distant memory, in a nutshell, punctuated…
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Top 3 Reasons Shipper’s Visibility Isn’t Good Enough

Top 3 Reasons Shipper’s Visibility Isn’t Good Enough Despite a variety of visibility options available to Shippers, many claim the visibility they have is not good enough to meet their needs. When you unpack the reasons why, a clear pattern in their responses emerges. These are top 3 reasons they cite: 1. It’s not actionable – Many early adopters of ‘off the shelf’ or DIY visibility solutions have come to know that a blinking dot…
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The Digital Supply Chain: How Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are enabling the Digital Supply Chain

Digital transformation is an exciting phase in the evolution of business automation and value creation enabled through enhancements in mathematics, software and hardware.  It’s all about further extending information, intelligence and automation to drive value.  Traditionally, companies used latent technologies like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), along with legacy supplier and customer collaboration platforms, based on static or latent data, to drive value.  These solutions can improve collaboration and shorten decision cycle times, but they produce…
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