Supply Chain Apps

A purpose-built, cloud-based solution with library of applications to visualize end-to-end supply chain intelligence. This level of flexibility creates value and utility for our customers to gain the right information, in the right context, at the right time



Inability to see and understand the performance of the global end-to-end supply against the plan results in missed opportunities and costly inefficiencies


Inability to anticipate when actual performance will deviate from the plan prevents the ability to avoid or mitigate risk that results in higher cost, lost revenue, and poor customer experience


The inability to share timely supply chain intelligence with functional team members from across the end-to-end supply chain and with trading partners prevents effective collaboration and continuous improvement



Real-time transparency and live situational awareness of performance against plan make it possible to identify opportunities for improvement and mitigate risks


Operationalizing insights and intelligence inside purpose-built supply chain applications based on user-defined requirements enables the ability to proactively respond when opportunities present themselves or risks threaten to disrupt performance


Providing timely access to the right supply chain insights to the right users from across the global end-to-end supply chain functions and trading partner ecosystem drives continuous improvements and greater resilience

Validated Outcomes


Improved on time in full by 3% and recalibrated inventory/safety stock levels during the transition from 85% air freight to 80% ocean freight delivery model – leading global electronics manufacturer


3% annual reduction of Cost of Goods Sold – world-leading supplier of nutritional goods


1 million+ avoided discards and counting due to proactive intervention – top 5 global pharma manufacturer


Improved transparency and live situational awareness enabled through a Common Operating Picture of your global end-to-end supply chain, real-time dashboards, alerts, and next-best-action recommendations

Single Source of Truth

Live, fully integrated view of your global end-to-end supply chain to support cross-functional activities and trading partner collaboration

Self-Service Rules Engine

No-code/low code heuristics to automatically make sense of the enriched supply chain data codified to business rules and conditions set by users

Insight Foundry

Real-time measurement and predictive insight can be rapidly activated and shared for planning and execution purposes

Control Tower Capabilities

Modules, dashboards, alerts, notifications to proactively resist and recover from global delays and disruptions

App Library

Select modules based on value-driven use cases

Common Operating Picture




Final Mile

Inbound Supply

Order to Cash