Oh No! Where’s My Shipment?

Global Flow

And how long before I get my stuff?!  If we were to pick a key outcome for Supply Chain Executives, it would be for them to always know exactly where their shipments were at any moment.  E-commerce is continuing to change the landscape for supply chain and logistics.  The need to manage demand fluctuations, volume growth, and consumer expectations has dramatically increased.  It’s no longer enough to get a general idea of when a shipment is going to arrive, the tight schedules caused by customer demands, competitive pressures and global supply networks require knowing a precise time of departure and arrival to be on top of your game.

Ideally, having a “one stop shop” to monitor shipments from end-to-end is critical.  Even better, Supply Chain leaders must account for what might happen based on outside events, past shipment behavior and predicted shipment behavior.  Unfortunately, for most this is not the case.  Supply chain leaders must go to several providers to solve the various challenges regarding their supply chain.  These providers include their suppliers, transportation logistics providers, warehouse operations, freight forwarders and more.  While on their own they each may function well and reach a level of individual optimization, they do not consider the impact from other areas of the supply chain.  For example, a supplier may not have a product ready in time when transportation comes to pick up the shipment from the warehouse.  Having workers hang around a dock waiting to unload a shipment that is 18 hours delayed is just as problematic.  None of these examples lead to the customer service levels that are keeping  executives up at night.  However, these examples are all areas that can be solved.

What is needed is a way to gain end-to-end global multi-mode movement and node behavior for precise times of arrival, while looking at global behavior analytics.  Or – Hey – your shipment is right here, and it’s going to be late because that lane has been slow 8 out of the last 9 times and is predicted to be slow again this week!”  In other words, providing true real-time, multimodal, complete network wide visibility and behavior of your inventory at rest and in motion from source to customer door.  Supply chain professionals are looking for real-time visibility and behavior of their global shipments across ground, ocean, air, in-port, rail, parcel and courier.  To get there, they need insights that tell them accurate predicted times of departure and arrival, factoring in current and past supply chain behaviors and considering external events such as weather, traffic or geo-political disruptions.  Ideally, being able to also look at shipment milestones are important, to compare how a shipment is doing versus how it had performed previously.

So, imagine you had the ability to see an overview of where all your multi-mode shipments are, what might affect them, how past behavior could impact current and future activities, and how the shipment is performing over time.  Getting a look at global port, border, customs and airport turnaround times (current and predicted) while understanding carrier, lane and route volume, with behavior-based analytics monitoring estimated, predicted and actual metrics.   All this delivered in a mission control view to track progress and status of end-to-end supply chain movement with a forecast view of shipment information, because don’t we all want an easy, visual way of knowing what is going on in our supply chain?

TransVoyant’s Global Flow creates an open, flexible view that enables you to know exactly where your shipment is, how it is behaving and where it’s headed.  Using our powerful machine learning driven insights, you gain value through increased accuracy of order departure and delivery dates to optimize current and downstream operations.  With live insight into port, border and customs actual turnaround times, more accurate planning times are available, giving you better ability to deliver effectively across your supply chain.  Carrier performance accuracy, lead/cycle times and lead/cycle time variability can be bought into planning systems on a frequent basis to better plan inventory to exceed service levels and to increase revenue by confidently committing to in-transit inventory.

To find out how we enable this and much more, and to learn how TransVoyant Global Flow can enable you to access true real-time, multimodal, end-to-end visibility and behavior of your inventory at rest and in motion…from source to customer…please contact us at media@transvoyant.com.



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