Modern Supply Chains and the Ancient Mariner’s Dilemma

Modern Supply Chains and the Ancient Mariner’s Dilemma

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“Water, water everywhere, Nor any drop to drink,” Samuel Coleridge wrote in 1798. While ostensibly describing the sailor’s dilemma of being on the Sea, Coleridge was quite accurately predicting a future he couldn’t imagine: our supply chains generate and are surrounded by massive amounts of data, but it’s almost entirely unpotable.

As an illustration of the problem, early on in our engagement with a global pharmaceutical company, they described their issue as such: “On average, from manufacture to patient, we have 18 physical hand-offs; there’s 3PLs, our own fleet, transiting of product through warehouses and DCs, and IOT devices all as part of that process. Each step has data trapped in a silo.” At the time, their solution to this problem was to keep throwing bodies at it to keep things moving and hope their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were well written.

How do we master and unite the Seven Seas of Data (WMS, TMS, ERP, 3PL/FF, Courier, IOT, and External Event) and make it potable, let alone actionable? How do we keep headcount and the games of telephone that arise from trying to solve issues from spiraling out of control?

  • An agnostic, data integration, streaming and analytics platform – one that brings all of your data together to heal it, clean it, and enrich it, regardless of its source, to create a true, living digital twin.
  • Machine Learning and AI to create live, actionable data insights that identify root cause issues and empower your people to solve potential problems before they become issues, creating a predictive supply chain.
  • With a digital twin and predictive supply chain working in concert with each other, cost savings can be realized throughout the enterprise in a variety of different functions and use cases.

Turning the data into insights that can be actioned to improve service levels and remove costs seems to most ‘leaders’ an endeavor not worth pursuing with siloed, latent, and dirty data being written off as “the cost of doing business”. If you believe that mindset is patently absurd, call us, and let’s find out how to create value for your enterprise. If not now, when?

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