Live Situational Awareness for the Suez Canal Crisis

Ever Given’s troubles are not over even though it is no longer stuck in the Suez Canal. The Egyptian authorities who helped to free the Ever Given have detained the vessel and are requesting $1B in payment for their efforts. Just like the Ever Given, our customers are still in the midst of recovering from the incident.

Fortunately, they have had the benefit of using the TransVoyant Precise Predictive Enterprise™ (P2E™) to help them resist and recover from the Ever Given’s impact on their business. When the incident first occurred, they were able to proactively take steps to assess the impact on their inbound deliveries, outbound customer orders, inform continuity planning exercises with actionable intelligence, and apply corrective action.

If you don’t have similar capabilities, I can guess the questions running through your mind… Does TransVoyant have live vessel tracking?, visibility to inbound material flow from suppliers? and outbound from distribution centers?, and a variety of control tower views?  YES, YES, YES and YES! But, what is better is we provide automated exception and notifications that serve to put your team in a proactive posture so they can intervene early to prevent delays and mitigate the impact due to disruptions like the Ever Given.

With TransVoyant, our customers have transparency and live situational awareness across the plan, source, make, deliver continuum via TransVoyant’s common operating picture (aka a digital twin) – a single version of the truth that is both timely and actionable.

Rules, conditions, Machine Learning and other heuristics are applied to the massive amount of data to find the issue that needs attention. Case management capabilities enable a user to initiate steps to resolve the issues collaboratively across various functions within the enterprise (e.g. sales, service, operations, quality, etc.) or with external trading partners (e.g. 3PLs, LSPs, CMOs, suppliers, etc.).

While TransVoyant cannot predict pandemics or vessels getting stuck in the Suez Canal, we do monitor numerous types of live events (e.g. port congestion, weather, traffic, etc.) and the impact of these events can be seen through the actionable intelligence we provide (e.g. predicted arrival time, dwell time, vessel location and speed, etc.). For example, our customers were able to see ocean vessels with their freight leave the Persian Gulf entrance of the Suez Canal and begin heading south toward South Africa days before their LSPs communicated (if they communicated) this information.

If you are interested in improving your supply chain’s ability to resist and recover the next disruptive event this Forbes article has some good tips. Additionally, please contact us to schedule a call with a product expert who can quickly determine if TransVoyant’s solution and services can address your needs.

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