Live Global Supply Chain Situational Awareness: Perfect Supply Chain Data

According to the results of our recent survey conducted in partnership with Pharma IQ one of the dominant challenges global enterprises face while improving supply chain transparency is harnessing and harmonizing data. Many business leaders question if Perfect Supply Chain Data is a dream or reality?

When the Ever Given container ship was stranded in the Suez Canal in March 2021, the importance of access to real-time information along supply chains was emphasized, particularly in unforeseen circumstances. Educating the industry on the potential of supply chain visibility solutions requires logistics leaders to explain how to leverage the potential of available technologies, especially regarding data outside of the enterprise.

In order to achieve full global end-to-end transparency and live situational awareness of your supply chain you must start with fusing and maintaining the quality for all your data streams. That’s what digital supply chain solutions, such as TransVoyant Continuous Decision Intelligence (CDI) do. By leveraging a cloud-based ‘Single Source Of Truth’ Data Lake we help companies create actionable insights powering daily operations and continuously improving their supply chain performance.

Harnessing the power of Live Supply Chain Situational Awareness allows companies to achieve a proactive understanding of their performance that drives continuous improvement and support for multiple use cases.

Companies must think bigger. Many are taking a common point-to-point approach in their journey to a fully connected and synchronized end-to-end supply chain… That approach is fine as a crawl walk run but it is a drop in the bucket leading to supply chain dis-connectivity and as a result limiting insights generation, supply chain behavior understanding and company’s general performance. Harnessing and leveraging all the supply chain offers in the data it emits requires a more holistic, comprehensive approach that addresses a myriad of use cases.

Depending on the data you are collecting, you can go into sustainability, global security, diverted goods, or monitoring the condition and the quality of the products that are being shipped to get cost and performance measurements across the trading partner ecosystem.

Since 2012, TransVoyant has made it our business to stream, collect, harmonize, clean, and share data across global end-to-end supply chains so you don’t have to.

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