Live Global Supply Chain Situational Awareness for Clinical Trial

SCSA for Clinical Trial

Clinical trial is one of the most critical stages of discovering new treatments for diseases and finding new ways to detect, diagnose, and reduce the chance of their development. In order to ensure safe timely delivery in compliance with strict quality standards, leveraging end-to-end transparency and live situational awareness at each step of the process is a must. Gaining a granular view of each treatment from its initiation to arrival and release, allows life science companies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their clinical trial programs and ensure patient safety.

Digital supply chain platforms provide global Pharmaceutical companies with a Common Operating Picture of their supply chains, including IoT-agnostic temperature monitoring, real-time delivery status, product disposition in transit and on arrival, and automated time and temperature alerts – all managed by a 24/7 global virtual monitoring team. 

Adding to the industry’s complexity, one of the biggest challenges Life Sciences continuously face is resiliency towards global disruptions impacting the positive outcomes of their programs. Although it is not possible to predict the future or black swan events, being proactive and making trustworthy data-driven decisions significantly improves the ability of global enterprises to avoid or mitigate deviations from plans caused by these events. For instance, TransVoyant’s supply chain platform enables our customers and Care teams to gain a real-time operating view of the global end-to-end supply and distribution network allowing proactive intervention when actual performance doesn’t go according to the plan. By continuously monitoring supply chain performance via automated rules and conditions specifically set to the needs of the business, trigger notifications and alerts are applied to start intervention and corrective action. 

Moreover, based on comprehensive review and analysis aggregated from performance data, our platform generates predictive performance insight to improve execution at all points of the plan, source, make, and deliver continuum. These insights are readily available for the internal teams and external partners via executive user-friendly dashboards and reports. 

If interested to learn more, click on the picture below to download TransVoyant’s “Clinical Trial Supply Chain” brochure. 

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