IoT Takes the Road: Getting Smarter in Transportation Panel

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TransVoyant President & CEO, Dennis Groseclose, to speak at MIT Enterprise Forum panel

The go-to spot for talking forward tech and emerging technology innovations, Cambridge, MA-based MIT Enterprise Forum will be home to the 2015 IoT Takes the Road: Getting Smarter in Transportation Panel on October 15, 2015 from 6-8:30PM EST.

Hosted by ChainLink Research, the panel will feature thought leaders from some of the most innovative companies in the transportation sector, including TransVoyant President & CEO Dennis Groseclose.

“I am honored to represent TransVoyant for a second time at the MIT Enterprise Forum to discuss the Internet of Things and how it relates to smarter transportation and supply chain networks,” said Dennis Groseclose. “If the event is true to form, the audience will learn and enjoy the interaction, but the speakers will certainly learn more.”

ChainLink Research Event abstract: The US population and our need for ‘stuff’ are growing. Yet our transportation systems—roads, transport capacity, and personnel are not meeting the requirements of our growing and diverse needs. Capacity is shrinking just as our demand is growing. Shorter driver hours, environmental and city ordinances shorten delivery hours and ecommerce sales keep growing. At the same time highway safety issues, as well as risks and threats keep growing.

Government solutions are slow. So industry needs to adjust to the new realities of shrinking capacity and increasing cost and risks.

The transportation market has responded to this challenge with diverse technologies from Telematics, mobility, asset tracking, IoT and integrated cargo and fleet management systems. Trucks and trains are already loaded with technologies that continue to be enhanced to improve on time, safety and cost metrics.

Join us for this informative session where we will discuss the options and technologies today—IoT, GPS, RFID +Sensors, streaming data, location-based systems, visualization, optimization and analytics—that are used to enhance transportation.

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About Dennis Groseclose
Dennis Groseclose is President and CEO of predictive analytics and insights leader, TransVoyant. Since co-founding TransVoyant, Dennis has successfully helped drive growth and innovation in both enterprise and government operations. His experience includes a variety of data and analytics-driven business and mission technologies, including the creation of the TransVoyant CDI™ Platform, a live and predictive worldwide control tower for supply chain, operations, risk, and intelligence.

A graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Dennis began his career in major space and intelligence systems engineering and acquisition. He later joined IBM as Program Director for Worldwide Supply Chain Optimization, and then C-Bridge Corporation, a provider of risk-management technology solutions—helping guide the company from start-up to a successful IPO. More recently, Dennis served in Senior Executive Leadership roles at Lockheed Martin and McLane.

In addition to a Bachelor’s Degree from the Air Force Academy, Dennis holds an MBA from Louisiana State University and a MS from the Air Force Institute of Technology. Dennis has served on Boards of the National Center for Simulation, the Center for Applied Identity Management Research and the Economic Crime Institute.

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