How to Manage Orders Impacted by This Year’s Hurricanes?

Hurricane Season Blog Post

Hurricane season officially began on June 1st, and indicators point to a more active storm season than normal. For the 2022 hurricane season, NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is forecasting a likely range of 14 to 21 named storms with winds of 39 miles per hour or higher, of which six to 10 could become hurricanes. Hurricanes have, by definition, winds of 74 mph or higher. NOAA’s predictions say that they may include three to six major hurricanes, which are considered category 3, 4 or 5, with winds of 111 mph or higher. – Forbes.

What can companies do to improve their ability to resist and recover from the impacts on the supply chain due to hurricanes?

Global supply chain leaders need to have global end-to-end transparency and live situational awareness across the plan, source, make and deliver continuum, allowing them to proactively manage the circumstances surrounding hurricanes or similar events that can cause delays or disrupt a supply chain’s timely operation and execution.

Useful digital capabilities such as a live common operating picture and a digital twin data model are a good start. Each provides a ‘single source of truth’ for the global end-to-end supply chain and actionable intelligence to support near-term sales and operation execution (S&OE) and other related scenario planning activities.

TransVoyant doesn’t predict hurricanes and other black swan events, but our customers utilize Precise Predictive Enterprise™ (P2E™) to monitor numerous types of live events, such as weather events, port congestion, and social unrest to inform day-to-day operations. P2E™ also provides accurate predicted arrival times, dwell times, real-time vessel locations, headings, and speed that are important to understanding the impact of events such as hurricanes and the like. This type of information is often timelier and more accurate than that provided by a 3PL or freight forwarder.

Furthermore, we provide automated exceptions, notifications, and issue management capabilities to support proactive intervention and collaboration cross-functionally (e.g. transportation, logistics, sales, service, planners, and quality teams) as well as with trading partners (e.g. 3PLs, LSPs, CMOs, suppliers) to mitigate the impact of the hurricane (or similar event) on inbound/outbound shipments and customer orders.

To learn more about how TransVoyant can empower your teams with live supply chain situational awareness and end-to-end transparency to proactively resist and recover from hurricane disruptions and continuously improve operations, planning and execution, click on the picture below.

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