Digital Supply Chain Series


The Digital Supply Chain: The Future has Arrived

Powered by massive amounts of real-time big data, sophisticated machine learning algorithms and lightning fast processing, digital supply chains have arrived


Supply Chain Visibility is Dead

Continuously predicting behavior is driving far more value for leading companies

TransVoyant Releases Dynamic Data Engine

Big Data 101 for Supply Chain

Big Data isn't enough - it needs to be continuously live streamed to enable Supply Chain transformation

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A Revolution in Risk Management

According to a 2013 research report published jointly by MIT and PwC, over 69% of companies surveyed experienced a supply chain disruption that resulted in a 3% or higher increase in total supply chain costs

CDI Launches—Enabling Smarter Big Data Decisions

Five Best Practices for Preventing & Mitigating Port-related Supply Chain Disruptions

In the Global Economy, Understanding Port Behavior is Key to Protecting Your Supply Chain


Why Learned Behavior Models Trump Supply Chain Visibility on the Value Scale

Visibility is the beginning. Understanding behavior provides greater value

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The Difference Between Predictive Insights and Prescriptive
Recommendations in the Digital Supply Chain

Combining visibility with an understanding of Behavior leads to Predictive Insights which enable Prescriptive Actions

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Sensors as Interchangeable Tools, not a Digital Supply Chain Silver Bullet

Sensors create many advantages in a digital supply chain, but also have many limitations


How Digital Supply Chains Enhance the Customer Experience

Real-Time Visibility leads to increased collaboration, communication, and prescriptive response to dynamic conditions


The Build vs Buy Question Reignites within Supply Chain Circles

Building a solution or buying one; what's the right answer?

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How Digital Supply Chains Help Companies to Mitigate Supplier Risk

Risk is omnipresent and never solved 100%. But it can be accounted for and mitigated

IoT and Sensors in Supply Chain

What is a Supply Chain Control Tower Anyway?

Ask ten different supply chain professionals, get ten different answers

TransVoyant Launches Channel Partner Program to Bring Disruptive CDI Technology to New Markets

Digital Supply Chains Compress Time... Both Cycle Time and Customer Time to Value

Time is the enemy — how do you realize value when traditional ERP platforms take years to implement?

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Predicting Lead Times, Throughput and Variability

Being able to understand real-time behavior enables dynamic planning