Connected Things the Future Arrives


Originally published by Enterprise Forum Cambridge, February 26, 2018
Session is being coordinated by Bill McBeath

The IoT Data Tsunami Has Arrived, Now What?

IoT is already generating volumes and varieties of data far beyond what we’ve seen in the past and the quantities are expected to continue to explode. That creates opportunities and challenges. On this panel, we hear from industry leaders on the frontlines of dealing with this tidal wave of new data.

During this session, we will discuss:

  • Managing Tsunamis of data—How will we store, secure, search, archive, and manage the mind-boggling amount and variety of data that IoT generates?
  • Varieties of IoT data/Edge processing—The range of sensors is enormous. What kinds of data are being generated and used out there?  Also, to what extent is the data being processed at the edge, so that the feed from the device is not raw data, but rather derived data?
  • Applications of IoT Data—How is the data being used? What are the various use cases? What is the role of IoT data in feeding Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence engines?
  • Standards—What is the role of standards for IoT data?
  • Cleanliness and Trustworthiness—Just because a device emits data, is it accurate?
  • Data Sharing Marketplaces—How can owners of IoT devices share their data with the world and get compensated. What will IoT data marketplaces look like? What role will blockchain play?