Author: Nate Morrison

TransVoyant adds continuous analysis of real-time and predicted supply chain behavior to Tive and the Open Visibility Network

Leading in-transit visibility provider Tive and TransVoyant, the leader in global supply chain data fusion, business analytics and actionable intelligence, announced a partnership to deliver live supply chain situational awareness to the Open Visibility Network (OVN) to improve actionable, complete, and intelligent visibility and business insights. Most visibility journeys start by focusing on a single segment of supply chains, lacking visibility into events occurring upstream and downstream. This is problematic for shippers that rely on inbound materials. When…
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Supply Chain Situational Awareness: Project Approaches to Unlocking Value

As companies look to achieve live supply chain situational awareness (SCSA), three project approaches to deliver a solution and business value are emerging: In-house project approach – Best of breed solutions and partners for a project managed internally Led by IT team with support from line of business users Requires heavy system integration Multi-vendor approach for core capabilities Outsourced project approach – Vendor managed services program Led by 4PL, consulting group, or system integrator Little…
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Digital Supply Chain Journey: Real-Time Monitoring to Live Situational Awareness

  The continued development of real-time monitoring (RTM) capabilities such as RFID, IoT devices, GPS tracking, electronic logging devices (ELD), etc., can be a good thing for shippers who need to stay aware of the real-time location and condition of their shipment. As often the case, too much of a good thing presents a challenge. The proliferation of RTM capabilities means there is more things to monitor than ever before and the challenge to find…
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